I know…I know…

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I’m sure you all realize how terrible I am at this whole blogging thing. I have repeatedly neglected these poor pages, even though I am required to post every week. I have been learning a great deal more than I have been sharing with you and I am really enjoying this class. I’ve spent a great deal of time learning more on Photoshop, Fireworks, and Dreamweaver, and I’ve finished the sitepoint book, which has a great deal of insight as well. All of this is coming together for my final project, which is going to be my personal portfolio site, alter.native, as my wife’s pregnancy is keeping her from being able to currently work with me on her site. Here are two comps I have put together for the alter.native site.

Both the contact and main content div’s will be collapsible, though I will not be keeping the white rounded rectangle. The hoody image on the right will be an image map, although I havn’t figured out how I plan to incorporate the text links for SEO purposes. I’ll probably have a footer with those same links at the least.


Week Seven Hoohaha

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This week we worked on gif animations in Fireworks and Photoshop. I actually never knew Photoshop could do animations in all these years I’ve been using so even though I’m not very fond of animated gif’s I was still excited to learn the process. I also read a great article in my readings about tactics for web design that was both informative and entertaining. In my other design class I was brought to a brilliant blog by a designer named Chris Spoon that has an amazing wealth of information on it for use of all the Adobe Suite and CSS tutorials.

Weeks of note, I promise.

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These past few weeks I’ve been so busy I’m neglecting this poor blog. I have been learning an awful lot though. This past week I got a great deal of practice hand writing css code, which is very helpful for understanding css elements even when not handwriting them. I’m getting deeper and deeper into Fireworks, which is helping my painful advancement in learning to use and not hate Illustrator in my other design class. We have also recently started getting into learning about Photoshop, which is nice since it is the one CS4 program I have extensive knowledge in and I’m still learning an awful lot.

Deacon’s Word of the Week: Obfuscate

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and what?

Final Project Proposals

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I have two ideas and will be making both websites regardless of which one I choose to do for the project.

The first will be a website for the pet services business my wife is starting, called “Cross Your Paws”. To start off she will be doing mostly pet sitting and dog walking but she wants to do adoptive, behavioral, and animal-social consultations. I would get most of the imagery by taking pictures of our pets and possibly some of the Baltimore SPCA and Crofton Veterinary Center, as we have ties with both organizations. The written and conceptual content I would develop with my wife during creative brainstorming sessions. I am particularly interested in this project because it involves my wife and I working together as a team. The kuler color scheme I have developed for it is called Cross Your Paws

The second idea would be a design portfolio of sorts called alter.native. I have a website, alter.grounds, which is currently being developed in flex to go along with the recording label I’m starting up, and I have a separate page set up for its design, as well as a few other sites I’ve built. As I do more design work it would be nice to be able to incorporate everything into the design arm of alter.grounds, which I call alter.native. The site would be set up to show my photography, cover designs, web designs, and personal expressions (probably either a blog or poetry collections). It would especially be nice since alter.grounds is so chopped up at the moment while we’re working on its development and the current version of alter.native is boring and without content. The kuler color scheme I have developed for it is called Favorite Hoody.

Week Four Roundup.

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doglogoSo it has been one busy week and I’ve been learning an awful lot, mostly involving vector graphics and Fireworks.

On the side I drew up a little logo for the pet services business my wife is starting up. Since I have failed miserably in all previous Illustrator tasks in my other classes I thought it would be a good idea for practice to do something personal and get a little friendlier with the beast.

I also created a Kuler account and made the theme that’s used in the puppy logo. It’s good fun, Kuler. I see myself using it very often in my future design efforts.

Oh, I also did some work on my virtual resume, so if anyone wants to start paying me obscene amounts of money please, please feel free to call.

Deacon’s Word of the Week: Fricative

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Complete with sudden death beatbox battle!