Deacon’s Word of the Week…

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Prepare yourself for blacunabaviveration!


Week Three. Dreams woven with a vengeance.

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The two most important things I learned this week is a) I absolutely love Adobe Fireworks and b) my computer hates the assets panel in Dreamweaver. I really enjoyed working with

Fireworks, the one program in the Adobe Suite I have yet to use until now, is¬†great for doing mock ups and designs that involve mixing typeface and different image elements. I feel like I’ve just made a new friend. Along with all of the ins and outs of Dreamweaver I’m finally discovering through the videos, I’m starting to really gain confidence as a designer, or at least I will when I have time to do some designing in between all of the homework.

I don’t know if I can expect it in the future or if I was just getting bugged out but I had a bad experience with the assets panel in Dreamweaver. The program locked up every time I clicked on the panel and after six or seven forced quits and two restarts I just used the files panel and found my assets the hard way.

In addition to the assigned Lynda videos I found some of the video lectures (sponsored by to be especially informative, particularly this one, since I really need to learn a lot more about working with css.

Week 2. The saga continues…

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So I’m coming around the bend of my second week and the twitching muscles in my fingers corresponding to the worn spot on my track pad are physical evidence of the maddening redundancy. I have yet to create the index that will link to my barely edited exercise files from the Lynda work (all very informative) but I just finished constructing a blogroll of all of my classmates and I swore for a second there my brain was going to pop out of my skull and start screaming at me.

Although I am not convinced I will be enjoying linking all of the files I tweaked while following along the Lynda exercises I can say I enjoyed the exercises a lot for giving me some insight into some of the basic features of Dreamweaver I had yet to stumble upon while fiddling about in the dark. Being a copy and paste text pad editor, even as a Dreamweaver user, it’s nice to actually learn how to use the program for real.

The one feature that got me the most was the point to button. Simply by lining up the files or elements I need to link to on the screen I can easily drag to them from that button and create links on the fly. Love it.

Wizzeek 1 Summarizaladooda!

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So an implied week has transpired in the web design class and I have already learned something!

Admittedly I’m not really starting from square one as I’ve been making websites for a while…but I am probably only on square ten…only having limited experience with css or javascript or pretty much everything else you need to know to make real, big kid websites these days.

I learned more about the World Wide Web Consortium, whose xhtml and css validator services I’ve used in the past to try and figure out what I was doing wrong at various intervals.

I also learned a bit about some of the logic behind a few of the rules in xhtml (which admittedly I only know anything about from playing with Dreamweaver as I was raised on sloppy late nineties html code) and I think I have a better understanding of the code and techniques I already knew (know better now).

All in all I enjoy my subscription and am looking forward to subsequent weeks.

Howdy there.

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I managed to get all the way to this point before I realized I could use a pre-existing blog but I happen to like wordpress better than blogger so I’m going to just start over. (the previous blog was just for the last class anyway)

As a summary of my efforts up to this point…

I produce a youtube show for my son, Deacon’s Word of the Week. I also wrote the theme song. On my channel I have another video for one of my instrumental tracks titled “sostenido de dios”, or “god sharp”.

I also do photo manipulation. This was my final for my ART100 class titled “satisfaction”. It features a photo of a Baltimore street, a stock image of a mushroom cloud, and my lovely wife who was gracious enough to model for me.

My primary goal for a degree in graphic design is actually to hone my visual design talents mostly for use in developing album art for my music and the music of potential clients for the recording studio and label I am in the process of building. We’re pretty much ready to record bands now and have a few other services to offer from stand in musicians to design applications.

I’m also going to be doing all of the front end work for our website. We have an experienced web developer programming the site as a web 2.0 application in grails but for now the site consists of nothing but a half-assed css demo I put together here and the barebones flex version on my friend’s computer that looks essentially the same but has some unfinished widgets incorporated into it.

I hope to be able to progress during my tenure here at AACC in a manner which helps me grow my business as well as my talents as a designer.